About Us

Vision :
  1. Many shippers or buyers are lack of information of the surveyor essential
  2. When they have claim on their cargo, they have long argument who is to blame
  3. Why should be the third party to settle the above problem ?
  4. Damage cargo/container could happen at many sites during shipment. Where is it exactly ?

Mission :

  1. Independently, objectively and professionally, the surveyor company exist to be the third party
  2. Applying the common regulation of the container and cargo to avoid the claim
  3. Preparing the proof to be used when the claim is up
  4. Making sure the cargo in the container secure during shipment

We are PT. Vara Urora, experienced surveyor for 32 years, located in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, could be your partner in doing the above vision and

Jobs List

  • Inspection on rubber of BRIDGESTONE and GOODYEAR
  • Inspection on Containerized Frozen Fish in Preshipment survey
  • Inspection on Containerized Miscellaneous Cargo for Domestic Delivery
  • Inspection on the claim of imported cargo for some shipping companies
  • Lashing survey of cargoes on Flat Rack – Open top container
  • Stuffing or stripping dry and frozen cargo and its temperature
  • Vanning survey – Cargo and ambient temperature – Ventilation and condition of Container
  • Condition / Damage survey of cargo and container
  • Weighing survey of cargo and its packing, by manual or bridge scale
  • On / Off Hire container, prior to / after leasing between shipping companies
  • Discharging / Loading survey of cargo from vessel to trucks or vice versa
Stuffing of Coffee in Gunny Bags
Stuffing of Rubber in Metal Crates
Stuffing of Rubber in Metal Crates
Stuffing of Rubber on Pallets
Stuffing of Rubber on Pallets
Stuffing of Rubber in Loose Bales
Stuffing of Rubber in Loose Bales

Office Address

Genteng Bandar 1 no. 17 Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Phone : 62 – 81357358455
               62 – 31 – 99250984
Email : info@varaurora.com 
Website : varaurora.com